Visiting Abigail and Capt Samuel Packard’s gravesites in Rhode Island

As you may remember, last week I sent a message to Historic New England, which owns the Casey Farm, asking “Good morning. I was wondering if the John Congdon Plot (,P3_TITLE:1902089,John%20Congdon%20Plot) is on your Casey Farm property, as some of ancestors, Samuel Packard and his wife Abigail are there. I may visit sometime in the future not only because of that genealogical connection but due to my love of history and archives. I look forward to hearing from you.” On February 27th I got a pleasant surprise in my inbox, receiving the following message from Jane M. Hennedy, Site Manager, Southern RI, at Historic New England’s Casey Farm [1]:

Dear Burkely Hermann,

Thank you for your message. It happens that I’m doing a bit of history research this winter as well so I understand your enthusiasm, and I can confirm that the Congdons lived just north of Casey Farm and we share a border wall. It is privately owned land with an early 20th century house on it. The Congdon family cemetery is indeed still there and can be seen from the Casey family cemetery on the opposite side of the wall. I’m sure we can arrange with our neighbor for you to visit.

We’d love to have you visit Casey Farm. We are officially open for tours from June 1 – October 15, but please let me know when you’d like to visit and I would be glad to give you a personalized tour.

For background information, one resource I’ve been using is the RI Historical Preservation Report for the Town of North Kingstown: Unfortunately, the Congdon property is not listed as a property included in the state listing of historic properties.

You may have already searched there, but the John Congdon Lot is listed as RI Historic Cemetery #66 on Find A Grave so you can see images of Abigail and Samuel’s stones and their portraits.

Best wishes,


While I will not be personally visiting myself anytime soon, I thought it was of paramount importance to post it on this blog. I replied to her, thanking her for her email and frankness on the cemetery itself.

Until next time!


[1] Its at 2325 Boston Neck Road,  Saunderstown, RI  02874.

4 thoughts on “Visiting Abigail and Capt Samuel Packard’s gravesites in Rhode Island

  1. That is excellent work. Even though I have done very little work on any of the RI Packards, and none at all on Captain Samuel and Abigail, I always enjoy seeing your research on family members.

    Dale H. Cook, Member, NEHGS, AGS, MA Soc. of Mayflower Descendants;
    Plymouth Co. MA Coordinator for the USGenWeb Project
    Administrator of


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