A break well-deserved

Through a quick search I did on newspapers.com today.

As it stands now, this will be post 70 on this blog. Due to school commitments and other strains, the posts on this blog may be more irregular. The posts up to this point were written in a flurry in the summer and fall of last year when I had more time on my hands, meaning that they were queued. However, I still think there is good content on here that deserves to be read, including my last post on my grandfather Bob’s sentimental journey to Massachusetts in 1980, a year before he sadly died of brain cancer at the age of 56. I will also note there is undoubted cross-over between this blog and Milling ’round Ireland, where I specifically focus on my Irish ancestry, with upcoming posts focusing on the ornate clothes of Dora Mills (Cyrus Packard’s second wife), the burial spot of John Mills (the father of Dora), and the story of two other more distant ancestors, Henry Church and Mary Hammond. While I am still waiting to hear back about the status of the revived Packard’s Progress, which I contributed an article for, and I will let all of you know, promoting it on this blog once it has been published.

I wish I could have contributed more insights on genealogy from an introduction to genealogy class I was supposed to take in January, taught by an archivist and librarian named Mary K. Mannix, whom has worked at Frederick County (Maryland) Public Libraries for almost the last 21 years and whom is apparently well-regarded in the genealogy community of which I am a part of.

With that, I will sign off and hope for the best in the days to come.

One thought on “A break well-deserved

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