Concluding remarks and photographs

This is the 15th in a series of articles which serializes my family history, which I wrote in November 2017, titled “From Samuel to Cyrus: A fresh look at the History of the Packard Family.” Below is the “Concluding remarks and a Photographs.” Made some minor changes.

The Packard family has an interesting story to tell. There are varying stories which I did not include, but their non-inclusion does not mean that they are not valuable, but rather that they were not part of this history due to space constraints since the book seemed long enough already.

With this history, we have come a long way from the family history prepared by my grandfather 1979 which was a start. This book adds more to those stories, while charting new ones for all to know. The quest to know more about the Packard family goes on. This is only the beginning, building off what has been established previously. There is more to come in the future. These are other photographs which are helpful but due to space constraints they were not used in the main narrative of this book:

This diagram was improved by the author. Coloring was not in the original.

“Packard Road” sign in Cummington, Massachusetts as seen from Route 9. Courtesy of Google Street View. I saw this when leaving Cummington and going into Plainfield. This road (only five people live on it currently) has been there for many years. If Only One Cummington is right, the road has been there since at least 1781. Currently, it is West Cummington, and is very short, only 1 mile long, and becomes Prospect Street.

Olive, Henry, and Tom’s former home on Summit Street, within Plainfield, burned in 1953, like the farm in West Hill which was burned in 1946.

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