Was Samuel Packard a tavern owner or constable?

Varying biographies say that Samuel Packard was a constable or tavern owner. [1] Looking through the “Massachusetts, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1626-2001” database on Family Search, I found a listing of the births of Abel and Sarah Packard. More importantly however, I found the following from the transcript and original record for Bridgewater:

  • p 17: Samuel Packer owns land in Bridgewater by dec 1662 (noted on p 16)
  • p 33: Samuell Packer helps divide up land with others (John Hayward, Sey Hayward Snell, Samuel Edson
    in July 1668
  • p 35: helps lay out lots in bridgewater in Feb. 1665
  • p 40: Helps lay out land in 1665.
  • p 47: Samuel Packer granted certain lands in Bridgewater in Oct 1666
  • P 48: helps lay out 20 acres of land with Samuel Edson and John Cary in early 1667
  • p 54: part of jury in bridgewater in 1668
  • p 81: purchase of land by december 1683 as one f the “men the east [of bridgewater]”
  • p 82: purchase of land by Nathaniel Packard for John Kingman, and Samuel “Peckerd” in the same region (“Third Division”) along with the “Sixth Edition.”
  • p 83: Goodman Washburn and Samuel Packard divide a 50 acre lot in dec 1683
  • p 119: “Ensigne Samuel Peckerd” listed as paying dues for meeting house in 1694
  • p 120: Same year, ensign samuel Packard is a selectman
  • p 131: two samuel packards in birgdewater in 1703/1704, owning land
  • p 137: “senior packer” mentioned as is a Samuel Packer seemingly in February 1682
  • p 144: Helps lay out lots with Samuel Edson, John Cary, and William Breet in 1666.
  • p 144: Samuel Packard, on 16 May 1674, chosen as a constable.
  • p 145: lots of land laid out by individuals such as Samuel in 1666
  • p 158: Samuel Packard among those to “look out the common meadows that? are not yet set out”
  • P 163: A samuel Packard is a juror of the court in 1699

It is the original record (on the right side)which is shown below:

And the transcribed version (on the left side):

In sum, Samuel Packer/Packar (sr) is owning land in 1662, along with another Packer. Other Packers (Nathaniel and John) owning land in Bridgewater. He helped put up a meeting house on Bridgewater in July 1668 along with other folks. Helps to lay out ten acres in 1665. Land in Bridgewater chosen, with Samuel Pecker as part of that. Samuel Peckar, Samuel Edson, and John Cary lay out land for Thomas Snell in late 1666 or early 1667. He was also part of a jury for a court in the area, as “Samuel Peckar,” in 1668. A Samuel Peckerd owned land in Bridgewater in 1683.

There no mention of him owning a tavern. Where did this come from? I know that a book I talked about in a recent post reviewing Dale Cook’s sources mentioned this, but I do not know where they got their sources. So, in sum, we can say that Samuel Packard was a constable in Bridgewater but cannot say, with certainty, that he was a tavern owner. That is stretching the reality too far.


[1] See geni.com, this page on rootsweb, ournorthernroots.com, a page on angelfire.com, a page on genealogy.com, another two pages here and here on rootsweb, along with a page on myancestrallegacy.com. Additionally, pages of Mitchell’s book on Bridgewater (esp p 60 and 264), along with Dale Cook’s page on Samuel Packard’s family makes the same claim.

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