The UK’s National Archives outlines varying Packards

As we have noted on this blog before, the Packard family is firmly established in England. The 24 results on the UK National Archives website shows the roots of such Packards undeniably. They are organized here by century, to help with navigability

14th century

  • “Gilbert Kelatoun of Chassefeld [Charsfield and]…John Gardiner of Cretyngham [Cretingham to] Robert Packard of Bourgh [Burgh] (1) to (2), all his lands and tenements in towns of Chassefeld and Hoo; to hold of chief lords of fee for accustomed services. Warranty clause. Witnesses: William Crispyng’, Henry Brygge, Arnald dil Medewee, Gilbert Palmere, John Burrich and others. Given at Chassefeld, Tuesday after feast of St Edmund the King, 41 Edw. III” on 23 Nov 1367
  • “Sale by Edmund, rector of the church of Peltyngdon, Adam Waryn of Colchester, John de Ocham, priest, and John Packarde of Colchester, to Richard Packard of Colchester and Margaret his wife, of a messuage, land and rent in Peltyngdon: [Essex.]”  in 1369 (using this site to help with dating)
  • Grant by Margaret, late the wife of Richard Packarde of Colchester, to Sir Ralph Waryn, priest, Sirs John Perys and John de Ocham, chaplains, of a tenement called ‘le Newhalle’ in Peldone, with rent and lands, &c. thereto belonging” on June 14, 1375 (using this site to help with dating)
  • “Grant by Ralph Waryn, John Perys and John de Ocham, of Colchester, chaplains, to Margaret Packarde of the same, of a tenement called ‘le Newhalle’ in Peldon, with lands and rent, &c. thereto belonging, which they had of the feoffment of the said Margaret, with remainders to Edmund de la Mare of Bradewelle and his heirs, and to the said Margaret and her heirs: [Essex.]” in 1375 (using this site to help with dating)

15th century

  •  “Grant by Richard Armeiard of Otley [Suffolk], to John Armeiard of Otley his son, John Packard of Woodbridge [Suffolk], clerk, John Morys, and John Gosseuold of Otley son of John Gosseuold senior, and their heirs and assigns, of the lands and tenements called ‘Prattes’ in Otley and Clopton [Suffolk], which with other lands in Otley, Clopton, Cretingham [Suffolk], and elsewhere in Suffolk were granted to Richard by charter of the above John Morys, James Wodeward, William Louth, the above John Gosseuold, and Robert Broke. Richard also appoints Thomas Godewyn of Otley, and Thomas Armeiard of the same, his attorneys to deliver seisin. Dated at Clopton, with seal attached. Witnesses: Richard Ovy, John Tolly, William Morys, Reynold Fosdyke, Thomas Edgoor and many others” on 26 May 1481

16th century

  • In 23 May 1539 are listed include “Thomas Packard of Earl Stonham…[and] Richard Packarde”
  • A 1550/51 grant lists a “Thomas Packard” and “Geoffrey Packerd.”
  • On a Feb 1, 1577 grant is listed “Thomas Packarde, late of Stonham, yeoman” not surprisingly.
  • Death of Joan Packard, widow of Earl of Stonham, in 1591
  • Inventory of Aaron Packard of Stonham in 1592 

17th century

  • “Short title: Maddock v Grundie. Plaintiffs: Richard Maddock and John Lawes. Defendants: John Grundie and Jeffery Packard” from 1603-1625
  • Indenture in 2 May 1616 lists Thomas Packard
  • Packard v Wells case from 1625-1660
  • ” Elizabeth Packard d/o Nicholas Packard apprenticed to Nicholas Carter of Buxhall, carpenter” on 29 Oct 1641
  • Account of John Packard, a churchwarden, in 1642
  • “John Duncon of Mendlesham, tanner, and Robert Duncon of Mendlesham, tanner, to Edmund Sheppard of Mendlesham, gent., Thomas Butts of Mendlesham, gent., Robert Ridnall of Mendlesham, gent., Henry Denny of Mendlesham, gent., Samuel Damont of Mendlesham, yeoman, and John Packard, yeoman; one tenement wherein one Anne Sanders alias Hewe now or lately dwelt, with half of chimney, one pair of stairs and one door or entry, one vance roof, one yard with a pond and orchard, now or late parcel of the premises called the Leyards” on 16 Oct 1659
  • Packard v Manthorpe case from 1643-1714 and in 1667
  • ” Nicholas Packard apprenticed to Robert Wesson of Nedenham (Needham Market?) Woollen weaver, and Robert Wesson, his son” on 25 May 1645
  • “Manor of Farthings, messuage called Radlyes or Raydells with 5½a in Hulthorpe St. abutting Tungate Lane to west…3½a parcel of tenement Packards; 2½a of same tenement abutting Tungate Lane to east, conveyed by Robert Salter to John Feldegate” in 1660
  • Will of Robert Packard, Mariner of Whitechapel, Middlesex on 12 Feb 1666
  • Packard v. Clarke case from 1670
  •  “Edward Clarke admitted on death of his father Edward Clarke (to whom property was mortgaged for £237 10s. by Edward Packard and wife Elizabeth), to 16 pieces of land (11a.; boundaries specified) in Southfield in Kessingland” on 24 Sept 1675


  • “Roll of account of receipts and expenses of Garin de Glapion, seneschal of Normandy Fragment Most of the rest of the account is in E 101/349/1A, printed in S R Packard, Miscellaneous Records of the Norman Exchequer, 1199-1204, Smith College Studies in History, vol XII, nos 1-4 (1926-1927), pp 9-11 (rot 1)” (1200-1201) as noted here. However, S.R. Packard was a 20th century medieval historian

More will be added in future posts as needed.

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