Examining the sources of the Plymouth Colony Pages

In the past, I’ve gone through some of the sources cited by Mr. Cook on his “Plymouth Colony Pages” website, specifically those on familysearch. Here,  I go through the rest:

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of Abington Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 2 Vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1912).

Vol I and Vol II of this book both on the Internet Archive. Vol I asserts they have exact transcripts of the vital records of Abington. Their sources also include private records held by specific Packards (Mrs. Mary Packard and Osborn F. Packard). Page 69 has the  birth of a “Mehitable Packard,” while page 78 has the birth of a “Rhoda Packard,” with Packard seeming to be the middle name of both of these individuals. [1] Finally, starting on page 157 and going to page 158 we have the birth of varying Packards in Abington:

There are other pages talking about the marriages (and rarely just intentions of marriage), showing that vol 2 is within this scanned version, of Packards connecting them to the following families in Abington:

  1. Porter (1750-1751) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 161)
  2. Jackman (1766) (Packard woman marriage intention into Jackman family, did not go through on it) (p. 116)
  3. Hunt (1774, 1775, 1841) (Packard man, then Packard woman, and then Packard man, married into Hunt family) (p. 114, 115)
  4. Bryant (1778) (man married into Packard family) (p. 40)
  5. Thomas (1787, 1793) (women married into Packard family) (p. 208, 209)
  6. Reed (1791) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 176)
  7. Shaw (1792) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 189)
  8. Ford (1794, 1799, 1803, 1813) (Packard man married into Ford family) (p. 74, 75, 76)
  9. Forde (1760) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 77)
  10. Pool (1795, 1835) (Packard woman married into Pool family) (p. 158, 160)
  11.  Fullerton (1795, 1836) (Packard man married into Fullerton family) (p. 80)
  12. Harris (1799, 1804, 1815, 1848) (women married into Packard family) (p. 98)
  13. Terrill (1800) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 211)
  14. Whitmarsh (1812) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 231) (intention not recorded)
  15. Drake (1817 and 1822) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 64)
  16. Remington (1819) (man married into Packard family) (p. 181)
  17. Norton (1820) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 143)
  18.  Bicknell (1822) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 30)
  19. Ripley (1831) (Packard woman married into Ripley family) (p. 183)
  20. Nash (1832, 1846) (Packard women married into Nash family)  (p. 139, 140)
  21. Howard (1846, 1849) (women married into Packard family) (p. 110)
  22. Noyes (1840) (Packard woman married into Noyes family) (p. 147)
  23.  Blanchard (1843) (woman married into Packard family) (p. 33)
  24. Gurney (1842, 1843) (man, then woman married into the Packard family) (p. 90, 93)
  25. Kingsley (1844) (Packard man married into Kingsley family) (p. 125)
  26. Keith (1845) (Packard man married into Keith family) (p. 124)
  27. Wilkins (1845) (Packard man married into Wilkins family) (p. 234)
  28. Southworth (1846) (Packard woman married into Southworth family) (p. 197) (intention not recorded)
  29. Harris (1849) (Packard woman married into the Harris family) (p. 102)

Then there’s the listing on pages 150 and 151 of all of the Packard marriages in Abington from those who were Packards to other families:

Later this is a listing of the deaths of Packards in Abington:

Hence, this is undoubtedly a legitimate source, although there could be errors in transcription of these records, with the originals much better than those that were transcribed of course.

Vital Records of Attleborough Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 (Salem, MA: The Essex Institute, 1934).

This book is available online in a transcribed format on ma-vitalrecords.org, rays-place.com, and dunhamwilcox.net. Of those, one includes transcribed births/baptisms of Packards in Attleborough:

––––, s. Martin, laborer, Aug. 23, 1844.

Freelove, d. Robert, bp. June 6, 1756. CR2

Lidia, d. Robeert, bp. June 6, 1756. CR2

Melzar, ch. Robert, bp. June 6, 1756. CR2

Silence, d. Robert and Lydia, bp. Feb. 26, 1758. CR2

CR2 refers to the Second Congregational Church in Attleborough according to another transcription, this time of the book’s abbreviations.

Also transcribed are Packard marriages in this area:

Elisha, of St. George, and Keziah Lane, int. Oct. 13, 1769.

Martin, and Mary M. Skinner, unm., of Mansfield, int. Nov. 9, 1827.

Silance, and Adin Stanley, July 22, 1784.

Apparently not on that site, this one, or any other, are any Packards listed among those who died in the area. Perhaps they moved somewhere else. The full view of the book is available on Haititrust.

In sum, this book doesn’t really say much about the Packards at all, but is a good source although, once again, transcriptions should be completely taken for granted.

Vital Records of Beverly Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, 2 Vols. (Topsfield, MA: Topsfield Historical Society, 1906-1907).

In neither vol 1 or vol 2 are any mentions of the name “Packard” made. Likely this was included in Mr. Cook’s sources as he has other pages which relate to other families in the Plymouth colony.

Henry Bond, Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Families of Watertown, Massachusetts, Including Waltham and Weston, to Which Is Appended the Early History of the Town, 2 Vols. (Boston: Little, Brown &Co., 1855).

The version currently on Internet Archive is superior to that on HathiTrust as two volumes are put into one. There are very few mentions of the Packards in this book, which are shown in the photo below:

Above cited are pages 75, 530, and 666.

So this book, like the Vital Records of Attleborough Massachusetts, doesn’t really say much about the Packards at all. Some tibits, but that’s it. Likely this was used by Mr. Cook when writing about other families in Watertown, MA.

David Pulsifer, William B. Trask and J. G. Locke, “Boston Early Records,” in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 2 [1848] to 11 [1857], various issues.

This relates to an article in a genealogical journal so it isn’t as easy to find as you might think. In one issue, in 1854, on Google Books (Vol 8 (1854)), some of these records are printed:

Not one Packard is listed there. Perhaps they appear in other records, but you’d have to purchase them from the New England Genealogical Society it seems as they are scattered to say the least.

Samuel A. Bates, Records of the Town of Braintree, 1640 to 1793 (Randolph, MA: Daniel H. Huxford, 1886).

This book is completely on Internet Archive. There are a good amount of pages relating to Packards within this book. Take the following, which all happened in Braintree:

  • a “Seth Packard” is a constable in 1790 (p. 692)
  • a “Polly Davenport Packard” married Thomas White in Braintree in Nov 1788 (p. 869) with an intention in Oct 1788 (p. 861)
  • an “Asa Packard” married Nancy Quincy in July 1790 (p. 870) with an intention in May (p. 862)
  • an “Abia Packard” married Eunice Hayward in April 1763 (p. 871)
  • “Abiezer Packard” married Mary Holbrook in June 1763 (p. 871)
  • A “Louis Packard” married Jotham French in Jan 1786 (p. 887)

Other than that, the book doesn’t say anything else about the Packards. So, in essence it is only partially helpful.

A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, Containing Boston Births from A.D. 1700 to A.D. 1800 (Boston: Rockwell and Churchill, 1894; reprinted w/ BRC09 Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978).

This book is fully uploaded on the Internet Archive currently. Only one page seems to mention a “Charles Packer” with no mentions of Packards. So this book is not particularly helpful.

A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, Containing the Boston Marriages from 1700 to 1751 (Boston: Municipal Printing Office, 1898; reprinted w/ BRC30 Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977; Baltimore: Clearfield Co. 1997).

This book, like the last one, is also on Internet Archive. There is are the following marriages in Boston:

  • James Packer and Susanna Harwood marrying in April 1707 (p 14)
  • Nathaniel Packer and Susanna Simpson marrying in November 1729 (p 167)
  • John Stringfellow marrying Susanna Packer in December 1742 (p 261)
  • John Sapping marrying Susanna Packer in September 1747 (p 286)
  • Elizabeth Eburn Packer marrying John Hamilton in  May 1749 with the intention in April (pp 291, 337)
  • Joseph Packard Jr marrying Karrin Mary in December 1748 (p 344)

Loring W. Puffer, Records of John Cary, the First Town Clerk of Bridgewater, Mass., from 1656 to 1681 (Brockton, MA: The Author, 1889; reprinted Bridgewater, MA: Old Bridgewater Historical Society, 1986).

This book is on Internet Archive in two parts, here and here. Within the book it shows a “Samuel Packer Ju” living in Bridgewater in 1660 along with two individuals with variations of Washburn (Washborne and Washborn). All of what  said is shown below:

No other records indicate a person with the surname of Packard.

Bristol County Land Records, Bristol County Courthouse, 11 Court St., Taunton, MA 02780.

There is no need to look at the courthouse anymore. In 2013, Family Search added a collection of Massachusetts Land Records which includes Bristol County. And here is the collection of records which is very long and broad for Bristol County:

Bristol County Probate Records, Bristol County Probate and Family Court, 11 Court St., Taunton, MA 02780.

Again, you don’t need to go to Taunton for these records anymore. Ancestry has a “Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991” database and Family Search has the following databases of probate records:

Ancestry also has the following databases, as noted here:

Undoubtedly Bristol County probate records are there.

Harold Lewis Peter Rounds, Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 2 Vols. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987; reprinted Baltimore: Clearfield Co., 1993).

This book is not accessible online as it should be. HathiTrust only has it in a searchable format while Ancestry has a database which encompasses the book. Mr. Cook writes that “probate records are among the most valuable of all genealogical records…many Massachusetts probate records have been published as abstracts or transcriptions, and probate indices have been published for several counties.” Sadly the book on Google Books does not include the pages of which the Packards are mentioned:

Ancestry has two databases here and here relating to Bristol County probate.

Records of the Town of Bridgewater manuscript volumes. References are to the volume title and page number.

It does not seem that these are online currently, only mentioned in one publication as “Extract from the records of the town of Bridge- water” but may be within the Massachusetts, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1626-2001 database on Family Search. Just searching the last name of Packard brings up 22,492 results, although not all of those may be for those with the Packard last name.

Henry Edwards Scott, Vital Records of Bridgewater Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 2 Vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1916).

Like the other volumes of this type, this is also on the Internet Archive currently in vol 1 and vol 2.  Considering the role of the Packards in Bridgewater, the number of results I expected to be in a high amount. Already the book rests on, apart from transcription of vital records, as noted on page 8:

[a] private record, from the Jacob Perkins family Bible, in the possession of Dr. Calvin Pratt of Bridgewater…[a] private record, from a Packard family Bible, now in the possession of Harrison D. Packard of Bridgewater…[a] private record, from a Packard family Bible, now in the possession of Harrison D. Packard of Bridgewater

The following births happened in Bridgewater:

  1. Job Packard Bartlett born to Susanna (Packard?) and Samuel Bartlet on Jan 22, 1764 (p 41)
  2. Samuel K. Cleveland born to Mary Packard in 1823 (p 75)
  3. Lucy Drake or”Drake Alice [sic, alias] Packard,” d. Sarah Packard (p 91)
  4. Lydia H. Drew was the grandmother Cyrus Morton Packard (p 92)
  5. A person named “Packard ford” born in 1783 (p 120)
  6. Martha Howard, later named Martha Packard (pp 170)
  7. Avery Keith related to a “Chloe K. Packard” (p 181)
  8. Sarah Packard Lovell born in 1807 (p 221)
  9. Cyrus M.D. Morton was the grandfather of Cyrus Morton Packard (p 233)
  10. Harriet Pool married Jesse Packard (p 263)
  11. Susanna Packard Williams born in 1787 (p 351)

And births of all sorts of Packards from pages 237250:

What about the second volume? There are 404 matches for the word “Packard”within the book, which is WAY too many to list here. It does show the staying power of the Packards in Bridgewater without a doubt.

Henry Edwards Scott, Vital Records of East Bridgewater Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1917).

Already covered this earlier. This record is no different from what was mentioned in the previous section.

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of Brockton Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1911).

There are varying Packards in this book, not only because of where some of the records occurred. These include the marrying of Martin Packard to Anna Adams in October 1820, a man named David Packard Ames, marrying of Nelson Packard to Martha Perkins Ames, and marrying of Josiah Packard to Betsey Donny Bolton. Apart from those with Packard in their name, Sylvanus Cook Packard marrying Abbie Davenport, and pages, upon pages, of Packards born in Brockton from pages 104 to 117. The pages show that Brockton is packed with Packards!

Frederick Endicott, The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage In the Town of Stoughton from 1727 to 1800, and In the Town of Canton from 1797 to 1845, Preceded by Records of the South Precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727. (Canton, MA: The Town, 1896).

This 1896 book, has varying entries on the Packards. There were marriages of Packards from 1765-1767 and 1770-1772, and within other records. There was also a Hannah Packard who died in 1776, and intention of marriage between Mary Packard and Jonathan Willis in March 1769. Then there’s the children of varying Packards on pages 198-199:

And varying Packards later in the book:

Thomas W. Baldwin, Vital Records of Cohasset Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 (Boston: 1916).

There are some pages in this book that directly relate to the Packards. There are only TWO results for the name “Packard” in this book. The first is the marriage of Susanna Joy and Paul Packard in October 1744. The second is the same record but the names are reversed.

Hence, this book isn’t good for finding out information on Packard but probably the case for related families.

Walter E. Corbin and Lottie Corbin, and Robert J. Dunkle, The Corbin Collection, 3 CD-ROM Vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2003-2005). Vol. 1 (2003): Hampshire County; Vol. 2 (2004): Hampden County; Vol. 3 (2005): Berkshire and Franklin Counties and Miscellaneous Towns.

This record reportedly has “transcriptions of vital records, cemeteries, town histories, town records, etc. from western Massachusetts.” It is mentioned on varying websites. Apparently is available from other publications by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Good luck trying to take a look at this record! It probably won’t happy to be honest.

William W. Streeter and Daphne H. Morris, The Vital Records of Cummington, Massachusetts 1762-1900 (Hartford, CT: William W. Streeter and D. H. Morris, 1979).

While this book can only be searched on HathiTrust, it can be found in Indiana state libraries, and varying libraries, according to WorldCat (here and here)

Library of Congress. Washington, DC 20540 United States

UMBC. Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery. Baltimore, MD 21250 United States

New York Public Library System. NYPL. New York, NY 10018 United States

Onondaga County Public Library. OCPL. Syracuse, NY 13214 United States

Western Reserve Historical Society. Research Library. Cleveland, OH 44106 United States

Connecticut State Library. CSL. Hartford, CT 06106 United States

Connecticut Historical Society. Hartford, CT 06105 United States

Columbus Metropolitan Library. Main Library. Columbus, OH 43215 United States

Mount Holyoke College. Williston & Miles-Smith Library. S Hadley, MA 01075 United States

Williams College. Sawyer Library. Williamstown, MA 01267 United States

Hampshire College. Harold F. Johnson Library. Amherst, MA 01002 United States

Amherst College Library. Amherst, MA 01002 United States

Worcester Public Library. Worcester, MA 01608 United States

Minuteman Library Network. Natick, MA 01760 United States

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library. Main Library. Toledo, OH 43604 United States

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State Library of Massachusetts. Boston, MA 02133 United States

Eastern Kentucky University. Crabbe Library. Richmond, KY 40475 United States

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Mobile Public Library. Mobile, AL 36602 United States

Dallas Public Library Central Library. Dallas, TX 75201 United States

Houston Public Library Central Library. Houston, TX 77002 United States

Texas State Library & Archives Commission. Austin, TX 78701 United States

Denver Public Library. Central Library Denver, CO 80204 United States

Midland County Public Library. Midland, TX 79701 United States

Family History Library. Salt Lake City, UT 84150 United States

Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records. State Library of Arizona (formerly called the Law and Research Library). Phoenix, AZ 85007 United States

University of Oxford. Oxford, OX1 2JD United Kingdom

This 1979 book, by William W. Streeter, Daphne H. Morris,  has not been scanned online. On Alibris one can buy it but prices range from $60-$85 depending on the copy whereas at Abebooks one can get it for as little as $15.87 but you are only getting a paperback copy of the book. There is a related book titled Only One Cummington: A Book in Two Parts which was published in 1974 by William Streeter and the Cummington Historical Society. Good luck getting that! The latter book has been cited in an academic study called Only One Cummington Cummington’s local history volume.” The same study also says that

In Cummington it is easier than in many places to find out basic information about the circumstances of peoples lives because of two works of local history published in the 1970s. One Cummington (1974) consists consists of both a general history of the town and a remarkably comprehensive property history of every lot in town, complete with photos, owner names and dates. The Vital Records of Cummington (1979) includes birth, marriage, death, and census records for Cummington residents from 1762 to 1900

Volume II was apparently issued in 2008 according to this article with Allen Berrien, with the Cummington Historical Commission funding it.

While Only One Cummington is NOT in the DAR library, the Vital Records of Cummington is available. Also, I must say that Matthew Stowell of the Plainfield Historical Society holds both books, so contact him if you are in Plainfield at any point.

Don Gleason Hill, The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths, and Intentions of Marriage, In the Town of Dedham … 1635-1845 (Dedham, MA: Office of the Dedham Transcript, 1886).

This book only has five results for those with the last name of Packard. They are all listed on page 276 of the book:

This book is also available via a search on Ancestry.com. In all, this book is not a good source for the Packard family.

Thomas W. Baldwin, Vital Records of Deerfield Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 (Boston: 1920).

Laurel O’Donnell has, on her website, compiled an index of this book, which is all digitized like the version on the Internet Archive. As a result, no Packards are listed as born there, but the following Packards are married there:

PACKARD, Esther P. of Shelburn, and Caleb A. Cooley, int. Mar. 27, 1839.
Polly and Truman Meekins of Williamsburg, Nov. 25, 1825.
Sally and Russell Meekins of Williamsburgh, int. Sept. 10, 1824.
Sultana and William Arms, int. Apr. 13, 1849.
Theophilus (Jr., int.), Rev., of Shelburn, and Elizabeth P. Ware, May 21, 1839. C.R.2.
Timothy and Rebecca Warren of Conway, int. Apr. 29, 1828.

And the following Packards die there:

PACKARD, Ruel F., s. of Alvah and Fannie, July 26, 1839, a. 7 y. 9 mo. G.R.9.
Wright (Alvah W., S. of Alvah and Fannie, G.R.9), Sept. 22, 1848, a. 22 y. (Sept. 23. G.R.9.)

That’s all for the Packards in that book.

Louis Stoughton Drake, The Drake Family In England and America 1360-1895 and the Descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mass., 1635-1691 (Boston: The Author, 1896).

While at first this book does not seem to digitized and be online fully (only partially), the reality is different. A search of the book on the Family History Library site comes back with NO results for Packards. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of Duxbury Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1911).

The book has been digitized by Dale Cook and Mary Ellen Walz. The following Packards are within these records as being born:

PACKARD, Hannah J., ch. Henry R. and Marcia, Apr. 15, 1815.

Marcia A. (Packarard), ch. Henry R. and Marcia, June 4, 1813.

———, d. Nahum, Apr. 15, 1833. P.R.105.

And marriages as noted in the book:

PACKARD, Bethuel [of] Bridgewater, and Rebeca Peterson, June 14, 1783.*

Henry R. [of] Bath, and Mercy Alden, June 14, 1812.* [Henry A., C.R.1.]

Hiram [of] N. Bridgwater, and Eliza Chandler, Nov. 3, 1841.*

Marcia W. and Robert W. Welch, Sept. 25, 1836.* [Marcia A., C.R.1.]

Rebecka [dup. Rebeckah] and Jonathan Chandler [dup. Chanler], Nov. 27, 1751.*

And Packards who died there:

PACKARD, Hannah J., ch. Henry R. and Marcia, Aug. 10, 1831. [d. Capt. H., t[yphus] fever, Aug. 9, a. 16, C.R.1.] [Aug. 10, a. 16, G.R.3.]

Henry R., h. Marcia, Aug. 12, 1834, at sea. [typhus fever, a. 50, C.R.1.] [Capt. Henry R., Aug. 10, a. 50, G.R.3.]

Marcia, w. Henry R., Mar. 10, 1841. [Mercy, dropsy, C.R.1.] [Mercy, May 10, a. 53, G.R.3.]

William Ladd Chaffin, History of the Town of Easton, Massachusetts (Cambridge, MA: John Wilson &Son, 1886; reprinted Easton, MA: Easton Police Association, 1975; Salem, MA: Higginson Books, 1997).

There are 126 results for Packards within this book! They include this page about Samuel Packard’s daughter, Hannah, who married a Randall:

And there were Packards who served in the “French and Indian war,” and buying a piece of land from Paul Packard:

And another page about the death of Nathaniel Packard. And many many more results which I won’t mention here.

Carroll Andrew Edson, Edson Family History and Genealogy.  Descendants of Samuel Edson of Salem and Bridgewater, Mass., 2 Vols. (Ann Arbor, MI: Edward Brothers, 1969).  Note: Use this work with caution – I have found a number of errors in it, and other errors have been corrected in major genealogical journals.

With this book only having a limited search only on HathiTrust, and varying other sources of information. There are 123 results for Packards within the book itself on Ancestry. This isn’t a surprise as the Edson and Packard families intermarried in ways that tied them together.

Erastus R. Ellis, Biographical Sketches of Richard Ellis, the First Settler of Ashfield, Mass., and His Descendants (Detroit: Wm. Graham Printing Co., 1888).

This 1888 book, only has FOUR mentions of Packards:

  1. “Stephen Bartlett Ellis, son of Seth, of Thetford, Vt., born 1810, married Abigail Newcomb in Thetford, Mav 3d, 1832. They had four children : A. Elmina, Amanda P., Henry E. and Sarah O. The eldest, Abigail Elmina, born Feb. 14th, 1833, married Nathan Andrews June 3d, 1852, and they live in Meriden, N. H., where Mr. Andrews is a farmer. They have had twelve children…The eldest, John S. Andrews, born 1853, married Carrie L. Packard, and the have one child, Cora” –pp 264-265
  2. “Twelve young men who served in the Revolutionary war settled in Ashfield, before it closed or soon after. Their names were as follows: Lot Bassett, Stephen Warren, Solomon Hill, Caleb Church, Joseph Gurney, Laban Stetson, Caleb Packard, Ezekiel Taylor, David Vincent, Jonathan Sears, Calvin Maniard, Timothy Catlin, Zebina Leonard, Benjamin Shaw”- p 305
  3. “Henry Sears Ranney…[of his] four children none are now living…[one was] Ella L., born m Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 24, 1847; she died in Ashfield, Dec. 21, 1874. She m , Jan. 21, 1869, Albert W. Packard. Her children: Austin G. was born in Brooklyn, X. Y., Jan, 24, 1870; [and] Ella M. born Dec. 15, 1874.”- pp 390-391 
  4.  “Elisha Bassett, with Susanna, his wife, settled on the farm now owned by Ezra Packard, near the great pond.”- p 407

And that’s it.

Frederick Clifton Pierce, Field Genealogy Being the Record of All the Field Family In America …, 2 Vols. (Chicago: Hammond Press, 1901).

There are a few Packards in this book, but mainly as those who commanded military units that Field family members were part of. You don’t need to search this on ancestry or look at it on HathiTrust to realize that.

Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, 3 vols. (Boston: Great Migration Study Project, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995).

There is one results for Packards within this book. Nothing else can be used from this book as a result.

George Ernest Bowman, Vital Records of the Town of Halifax Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, (Boston: Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1905).

Bowman’s book has three results for the Packards:

  1. Page 23: “[Marriage on] Octr 5 : 1788 [of] John Besse and Nancy Packard Both of Bridgwater”
  2. Page 36: “September: 27th : 1759 [of] Then Joseph Packard the Second of Bridgwater & Ruth Bozworth of Hallifax widow Both in the County of Plymouth were Joyned in marriage by John Willis Justice of Peace”
  3. Page 60: “September. 2nd : 1759 mr Joseph Packard the Second of Bridgwater and mm[married] Ruth Bozworth widow of Hallifax have been Lawfully Published In this Town”

George Lincoln, et. al., History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts, 3 Vols. (Hingham, MA: The Town, 1893; Vols. II & III reprinted 2 vols. in 1, Somersworth, NH: New England History Press, 1982, 1987).

When I compiled my family history, I used a few Hingham history books I picked up at the Hingham Historical Society. They don’t talk about the Packards but they give a general history. They are:

  • Ted Clarke’s Hingham: Four Centuries of History (126 pages)
  • Richard Caldwell’s A Tour of Hingham (mostly photographs, unknown number of pages)

I vaguely remember the archivist at the Hingham Historical Society mentioning Lincoln’s history of Hingham. It is among the resources on the town compiled by the historical society there. Here is what Lincoln wrote in Volume III about the Packards, pages 104-105:

And again on page 106:

Apparently page 204 also mentions the Packards but I couldn’t find them on that page from glancing varying times but I did find them on another page:

The other two volumes, vol 1 and vol 2 don’t seem to mention much about the Packards from my searching.

Reuben Hersey, Transcriber, Vital Records of Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. 1639-1844, Mss 901, 2 Vols. (Boston: R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1832-1844).

It turns out that this record is clearly held by the New England Historic Genealogical Society as varying people attest:

“Having lived in Hingham the majority of my life, and with ancestors who lived there three centuries ago, I ought to have a good grasp of the Hingham records – but not so much. The problem begins with the fact that the Hingham vital records have not been published. For 121 years researchers of Hingham families have relied on George Lincoln’s 1893 History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts, as the “go to” source. Because his two-volume section on genealogies is impressive and the vital records are not in print, Lincoln’s work functions as a substitute “vital records.” I used to receive town certificates that referred to the book and page of Lincoln’s History as their source – I should note that I do not know whether that practice is still in use; I hope not…To do a comprehensive search of Hingham records one must compare Lincoln’s History, the published Hobart Journal, and all of the digital versions, which do not always agree. Lincoln’s version is the least reliable. Oh, yes, then there is the problem of counties. Hingham is presently in Plymouth County, but it was originally part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, so its earliest probate and land records, from 1643 to 1793, are in Suffolk County.”- Alicia Crane Williams

“The Town of Hingham’s vital records date back to 1635, and include births, deaths and marriages. They are maintained in the Town Clerk’s office, with all but impounded records available for viewing or purchase by the general public. Impounded records (i.e., records connected to adoptions or out of wedlock births) are kept under separate cover. Proper identification must be presented to receive a copy of an impounded record.”- Hingham MA government website

“NEHGS has launched the Hingham, Masschusetts Vital Records. This database of early records from this southeastern Massachusetts town is available to members at www.newenglandancestors.org. Vital Records of Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. 1639-1844…On October 29, 1917, NEHGS purchased four items from Goodspeed’s Book Shop of Boston including a handwritten extract of the vital records of Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. 1639-1844, recorded by Reuben Hersey in two volumes. Reuben Hersey (1780-1844), a life-long resident of Hingham, began around 1832 to extract genealogical and vital statistic data from the original town and church records of Hingham, Mass. He finished his project in 1844. The records produced by Hersey are in the R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department with call number. Mss 901.”- David Allen Lambert

So it is available on the NEHGS website as a database and noted on a page on Family Search titled “Hingham, MA.”

C. Edward Egan, Jr., “The Hobart Journal,” in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 121 [1967]:3-25, 102-127, 191-216, 269-294.

Good luck finding this. There are some extracts of Hobart Journal but not the whole thing is online. Still working on getting this. If you had a subscription to the New England Genealogical Society, this could probably be found very easily.

John Camden Hotten, The Original Lists of Persons of Quality … Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700 (London, 1874; reprinted New York, 1931; Baltimore, 1974, 1980).

This book had NO results for the Packards whatsoever, which isn’t really a surprise to be honest. So, don’t think you will find anything there about the Packard family.

Thomas W. Baldwin, Vital Records of Hull, Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: 1911).

This book has NO results for the name Packard just for the name “Packe.” Keep this in mind if you use this book.

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of Kingston Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1911).

This book has six results for the name Packard. The first refers to a record used by the book, the second involves a marriage of a Packard (Isaac) to another individual, the third is another marriage of a Packard (Seth) to someone also living in Kingston, the fourth and fifth involve a marriages of a Packard (John L. and Sylvanus) to those of the Forester family. The final result is for the marriage of all the above Packards in the town of Kingston, MA:

Williams Latham, Epitaphs In Old Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Illustrated with Plans and Views (Bridgewater: Henry T. Pratt, Printer, 1882; reprinted Bowie MD: Heritage Books, 1976; Middleborough MA: 1986).  

This book, which was mentioned on previous posts on this blog, has varying results for the Packards. These can be found either on the Plymouth Colony Pages or the Internet Archive. Packards in this book include:

  1. Samuel Packard (who arrived in 1638), with mentions of his house, then gone, as near Boston road.
  2. Those in the Powder House Grave-yard: “Of the ninety-nine persons having lettered grave-stones in this yard, thirty-four bore the name of Snell; seventeen, Packard; eleven, Hayward; nine, Richards. There are but few graves without lettered stones.”
  3. All the Packards in the West Bridgewater graveyard (Powder House)
  4. All the Packards in the Old Grave-Yard in West Bridgewater
  5. And varying Packards in graveyards in the Bridgewater area as noted here, here, here, and here

That’s all.

Vital Records of Leicester, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 (Worcester MA: Franklin P. Rice, 1903).

This book has no results for the name Packard whatsoever. Nothing else needs to be said for this book.

Manning Leonard, Memorial: Genealogical, Historical, and Biographical, of Solomon Leonard, 1637, of Duxbury and Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and Some of His Descendants (Auburn NY: Children of the Author, 1896).

This book mentions the Packards a good many times (12 times to be exact). These include the following:

“Sam’l Packard had Sam’l b. 1678 d. 1720, Thomas br. of the preceding had 8 wives. Deliverance d, of Sam’l Packard and Abigail d. Jacob Leonard— his will 1729”- p 43

“Nehemiah Leonard…son of Seth and Silence (Packard) Leonard, was b. in Bridgewater, Mass., Aug. 26, 1769 ; m. Jan. 5, 1792 Phebe Pratt. He resided in Bridgewater where he (L Mav 19, 1886 ; his wife d. Sept. 19, 1826”- p 194


Additionally, the Kingman family married often into the Packard family. So this book has more information on the Packard family than most.

Caroline Louisa Leonard Goodenough, Memoirs of the Leonard, Thompson, and Haskell Families … (Yellow Springs, OH: The Author, 1928).

This book, written in 1928, can only be borrowed on the Internet Archive and is only available on HathiTrust through a limited search. While the book would likely need to be bought or looked at in a library, ancestry has a handy search. It shows 21 results for the name “Packard” within the book including description of Samuel Packard’s farm, called “Nipenicket” or the “Old Packard farm” apparently. The former name could be because there is a lake in Bridgewater called “Nippenicket,” interestingly enough. As Dale Cook puts it, “the [Packard] family lived at the western edge of the town of Bridgewater, at Lake Nippenicket, and sometimes whole families of children, especially on the fringes of a town, went unrecorded.”

A. B. Lyons, G. W. A. Lyon and Eugene F. McPike, Lyon Memorial: Massachusetts Families, Including Descendants of the Immigrants William Lyon, of Roxbury, Peter Lyon, of Dorchester, George Lyon, of Dorchester (Detroit, MI: The Authors, 1905).

There are eleven matches for the last name of Packard in this book. They include descendants such as “Rufus E. Packard” (pps 117, 153) and Cornelia B. Packard (p  307),to name two of the many results in this book.

State copies of Massachusetts vital records registers 1841-1920 at the Massachusetts State Archives, 220 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125.

This isn’t necessary anymore because MA vital records can be easily searched on Family Search at the time.

Milton E. Terry and Anne Borden Harding, Mayflower Ancestral Index: Volume 1 (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1981).

This can still be found for the low price of $10.00. One website, which covers the genealogy of Mayflower passengers is as helpful as this index to be clear.

Susan E. Roser, Mayflower Births & Deaths from the Files of George Ernest Bowman at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2 vols. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992).

The same goes for this book which was noted for the index above. It is not currently digitized online except in a search put up by Ancestry.com.The first volume reportedly has 16 results for the name “Packard.”

Mayflower Descendant: A Quarterly Magazine of Pilgrim Genealogy and History (Boston: Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1899-1937, 1987 to present).  Edited by George Ernest Bowman, v. 1 [1899] to v. 34 [1937]; Alicia Crane Williams, v. 35 [1985] to v. 48 [1998]; Scott Andrew Bartley, v. 49 [2000] to date.

Some editions of this magazine have been digitized on Internet Archive, but not many, only select ones. An individualized search of each book could reveal the name of Packard perhaps but that assumption may even been too much of a gamble.

Lucy Mary Kellogg, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations … Volume One … Francis Eaton, Samuel Fuller, William White (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1975, Addendum 1984). Robert M. Sherman, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations … Volume Two … James Chilton, Richard More, Thomas Rogers (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1978, Addendum 1986). John D. Austin, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations … Volume Six … Stephen Hopkins, 1st Ed. (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1992).

This book is out of print but varying later volumes are available online or even available through the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Robert S. Wakefield, Ralph Van Wood, Jr., et. al., Francis Cooke of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations, 2nd ed. (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1987).

This book is likely part of the above series.

Barbara Lambert Merrick and Alicia Crane Williams, Middleborough, Massachusetts Vital Records, 2 Vols. (Boston: Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1986-90).

These records are online but only seem available through a subscription to the Nw England Historic Genealogical Society.

Horace E. Ware, Edmund J. Carpenter and Henry B. Martin, Milton Records: Births, Marriages and Deaths 1662-1843 Alphabetically and Chronologically Arranged (Boston: Alfred Mudge &Son, Printers, 1900).

This book has a whole page just on the Packards!

There’s more but this is the highlight of the show, as to say.

Nahum Mitchell, History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater, In Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Including an Extensive Family Register (Boston: The Author, 1840; reprinted Bridgewater: Henry T. Pratt, 1897; Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1970; Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1983; Salem, MA: Higginson Books, 1992). 

Mr. Cook writes that people should “use this work with caution [because] there are a number of known errors in it” and has put an online edition of it up on his website.

Susan E. Roser, Mayflower Marriages from the Files of George Ernest Bowman at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990).

According to the version of this book with snippets on Google Books, there are 24 results for the name Packard within this book. Best of luck at finding it! I say that because it is NOT currently scanned or even partially transcribed and online.

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1847 to present).

This journal has been published quarterly since 1847 with other results online. There are undoubtedly mentions of Packards in this journal.

Henry Ernest Woods, Vital Records of Norton Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1906).

There are seven matches for the surname of Packard in this book. This includes the five Packard marriages listed on page 289:

Vital Records of Oakham, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (Worcester, MA: Franklin P. Rice, 1905).

This book has 22 matches for the name “Packard.” This includes the birth of 24 Packards in Oakham, MA on pages 40-41:

Plymouth Colony Records: Deeds Six manuscript volumes, rebound in 1818, originally at the Plymouth Registry of Deeds, now at the Massachusetts Archives. References are to volume, part (if parted), and page, as numbered in the manuscript volumes.

As noted above, this can be found in Massachusetts Land Records on Family Search.

Plymouth Colony Records: Wills Four manuscript volumes, rebound in 1818, originally at the Plymouth Registry of Deeds, now at the Massachusetts Archives. References are to volume, part (if parted), and page, as numbered in the manuscript volumes.

These wills can be found on Family Search as noted earlier in this article.

Waldo Chamberlain Sprague, Inscriptions, Old Church St. Cemetery, Easton, Mass., (1948 Manuscript, MS/70/EAS/312, R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston).

This is probably not online from what I can find. You’d have to go the New England Historic Genealogical Society to see this record.

Notes taken during a lecture delivered by Karle S. Packard, President of the Packard and Allied Families Association, at the Packard Family Reunion, Boxborough MA, August 7-9, 1992.

Likely held by Mr. Cook, which is totally understandable.

Packard and Allied Families Association Family Record Sheet.  Note: some of the information in these sheets was provided by PAFA members and is unverified.

Also likely held by Mr. Cook, which is totally understandable.

Nathaniel B. Shurtleff (Volumes 1-8) and David Pulsifer (Volumes 9-12), Editors, Records of the Colony of New Plymouth In New England, 12 Volumes (Boston: The Press of William White, Printer to the Commonwealth, 1855-1861; reprinted in 6 Volumes, New York: AMS Press, 1968)

This collection, which seems to be within the Plymouth Colony Archive Project (which is sadly limited in scope). Many of these records are now online.

Ebenezer W. Peirce, Civil, Military and Professional Lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies (Boston: A. Williams & Co., 1881; reprinted Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968; Baltimore: Clearfield Co., 1995).

This book is available online in some places. On HathiTrust there are the following results for Samuel Packards:

Along with varying other results. Of course, in twopage preface, he does not outline his sources. Obviously, some primary sources are used, but which ones? Some other results show a “Samuel Packer” listed as a Surveyor of Highways in 1672, the position of which is described later.

Charles Edward Banks, The Planters of the Commonwealth. A Study of the Emigrants and Emigration In Colonial Times … 1620-1640 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1930; reprinted Baltimore, multiple editions).

This book is only available through a limited search on HathiTrust, with “Samuel Packer” noted on page 194. It can be found some other places but not many in general.

Henry Edwards Scott, Vital Records of Plympton Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1923).

This book is on Internet Archive but is also indexed online separately. Births in Plympton, MA:

Mary Holmes, ch. Perez [q. v.] and Mercy Bradford (Sherman), July 27, 1844, in P.

Orlando, ch. Perez [q. v.] and Mercy Bradford (Sherman), Oct. 15, 1846, in Halifax.

Orlando Hinds, s. Isaac of W. Bridgewater and Mary Jones, Sept. 6, 1817.

Perez, h. Mercy Bradford (d. Lt. Joseph Sherman and Nancy of P.), s. Isaac and Mary Jones of W. Bridgewater, Dec. 4, 1821, in W. Bridgewater.

And marriages in the same place:

Cynthia (see Sintha).

Elizabeth, wid., of Middleborough, d. Benjamin Pratt dec’d of Middleborough, and Alfred Churchill of P., s. Ebenezer and Lucy of P., Oct. 6, 1841, in P.

Mary Jones of Abington, wid. Isaac of W. Bridgewater, d. Samuel Foster of Abington and Mary Jones, and Ezekiel Ripley of P., s. Ezekiel dec’d of P., int. Apr. 3, 1831, cert. given Apr. 18.

Perez [dup. abt. 21] of P. s. Isaac of W. Bridgewater and Mary Jones, and Mercy Bradford Sherman [dup. 19 y. 4 m.] of P., d. Lt. Joseph and Nancy of P., Jan. 1, 1843 [dup. in P.].

(Reuel) and Molley Harlow, ch. Barnabas ((s. James)) and Molley ((d. Dea. Peter West of Kingston), —-).

Sarah of Bridgewater and Caleb Loring of P., int. Mar. 7, 1802.

Sintha [int. Cyntha] of Bridgewater and Levi Churchill of P., Sept. 19, 1799, in Bridgewater.

And deaths of Packards in the same place:

Orlando Hinds, s. Isaac dec’d of W. Bridgewater and Mary Jones, Jan. 23, 1837, a. 19 y. 4 m. 17 d., “at ..his father-in-law, Mr. Ezekiel Ripley,” in P.

David T. Konig, Plymouth County Court Records 1686-1859, 16 Vols. (Wilmington, DE: Michael Glazier, Inc., 1978-1981; CD-ROM, Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2002). When the page is not given the source is the CD-ROM, which is not paginated. In all instances the name of the court, and the volume and page number of the original record, are given in parentheses.

This could be found likely at that genealogical society and not much else.

Plymouth County Land Records. Deed books, grantor and grantee books at Plymouth County Court House, Plymouth. References are to deed books volume and page numbers.

See above for reference to Massachusetts Land Records held by Family Search.

Plymouth County Probate Records. File papers 1685-1881 at Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives, Boston. File papers 1882 to date, Docket and Record Books at Plymouth County Probate and Family Court, Plymouth. References are to old series (1685-1881) case file numbers and records books volume and page numbers.

See above for reference to certain probate records of Massachusetts held by Family Search.

Lee D. van Antwerp and Ruth Wilder Sherman, Vital Records of Plymouth, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 (Camden ME: Picton Press, 1993).

This seems to not be online at the time. That is unfortunately as searching for the Packards is not possible with it not online at this time.

Pilgrim Notes and Queries, a supplement to Mayflower Descendant (Boston: Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, five volumes 1913 to 1917, edited by George Ernest Bowman).

One of these is available on the Internet Archive. Others are available in other places seemingly.

Packard’s Progress, Newsletter of the Packard and Allied Families Association. 

This will be addressed in a later article. Mr. Cook even notes that much of the information in this periodical “was provided by subscribers and is unverified” but argues that articles by Alan Packard and Karle Packard was of “higher quality and reliability.”

James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rehoboth, 1642-1896 (Providence, RI: Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1897).

This book has four results for the Packard surname:

“Lydia and Charles Packard, both of Rehoboth, married by David Perry, Jr., Esq., May 21, 1795”- p 128

“LEACH Peleg S., aged 33, his 2d marriage, born and of North Bridgewater, sou of Oliver and Mercy, and Eliza A. Packard, born North Bridgewater, of Rehoboth, daughter of Israel and Jane W., married by Rev. Thomas T. Richmond Dec. 3, 1863. Int. Dec. 29, 1863”- p 224

“PACKARD Charles and Lvdia Drown, both of Rehoboth, mar- ried by David Perry, Jr. Esq., May 21, 1795”- p 274

“[Packard] Eliza A., born New Bedford, of Rehoboth, daughter of Israel and Jane W., and Peleg S. Leach, aged 33, his 2d marriage, born and of North Bridgewater, son of Oliver and Mercy, mar- ried by Rev. Thomas T. Richmond Dec. 3, 1863. Int. Dec. 29, 1863, (sic).- p 274

James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850, 21 Vols. (Providence, RI: Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1891-1912).

This book lists Packards including those who died there:

Vital Records of Roxbury Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, 2 Vols. (Salem, MA: The Essex Institute, 1925-1926).

There are varying Packards who were born in Roxbury:

Edwin, s. Otis and Julia. A., bp. Mar. —-, 1841. C.R.6.

Emily, d. Otis and Julia A., bp. Oct. 19, 1844. C.R.6.

Emily, d. Charles, laborer, and Nancy, June 10, 1847.

Emma, d. Otis and Julia A., bp. Nov. 28, 1847. C.R.6.

Horace Wheelock, s. Otis and Julia A., bp. Jan. 1, 1843. C.R.6.

Julia Frances, d. Otis and Julia A., bp. July 21, 1839. C.R.6.

William, s. Charles, machinist, and Nancy, June 1, 1845.

—-, d. Otis, upholsterer, and Julia, Jan. 21, 1847.

There are no results in the index of this book online.

David Penrose and Peter Hill, “The Houses of Stonham Aspal,” in The Suffolk Review, 4: no. 1.

This is not online but will be requested at some point.

James Savage, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer’s Register, 4 vols. (Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1860-62; reprinted Baltimore, many editions).

This book only has one result for the Packards, which is on page 79.

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of Scituate Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 2 Vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1909).

This book has three results for the name Packard. It isn’t even worth listing them here.

Waldo Chamberlain Sprague, Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Mass. 1640-1850. Sprague’s extensive research on Braintree families was recorded by him on over 6,000 index cards, now at at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, and was published by NEHGS on CD-ROM in 2001.

This is found online here and there, but would need to go to the New England Historic Genealogical Society to see it.

Suffolk County Probate Records, Suffolk County Courthouse, 24 New Chardon Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02114.

Probably still have to still get these probate records in England.

Ipswich District Probate Registry, Haven House, 17, Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, IP4 1DN.

Probably still have to still get these probate records in England.

The American Genealogist (1932 to present).

You can read this either here or here.

Henry Edwards Scott, Vital Records of Taunton, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850, 3 Vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1928-1929).

It is online but barely so it cannot be searched online.

James Davenport, The Washbourne Family of Little Washbourne and Wichenford In the County of Worcester (London: Methuen & Co., 1907).

There are no results in this book which is online partially.

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of West Bridgewater Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1911).

This book is available on Internet Archive and there are 75 results in this book. On pages 82 to 86 are births in West Bridgewater.

Vital Records of Wenham Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 (Salem, MA: The Essex Institute, 1904).

No results for “Packard” were available on the version scanned on Internet Archive.

George Walter Chamberlain, et. al., History of Weymouth Massachusetts, 4 Vols. (Boston: Weymouth Historical Society, 1923).

This book seems to be on Ancestry.com. There are 27 results for the name Packard.

F. Apthorp Foster, Vital Records of Weymouth Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 2 Vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1910).

This book has varying results for Packards including a page of marriages:

Charles H. Farnam, History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass. (New Haven, CT: Tuttle, Morehouse &Taylor, 1889).

There are 47 results for the surname Packard in this book. The results don’t need to be listed here but can be noted.

Henry Edwards Scott, Vital Records of Windsor Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1917.

This book had varying results for the Packards including births of:

“PACKARD, Welcome Tillson (Pack[a]rd), s. William H., farmer (b. Plainfield), and Rachel B. (b. Abington), Apr. 10, 1848”- page 48

Marriages of…

“Eunice [Hume] and Philander Packard of Cummington, Apr. 10, 1828. Harriet A. and Chauncey [int. Chauncy] Baldwin, May 17, 1837”- page 93

And other marriages on page 100:

PACKARD, Barnabus and Ruth Snow, July 23, 1818.

Josiah of Plainfield and Clarinda Whitman, int. Apr. ii, 1840. Philander of Cummington and Eunice Hume, Apr. 10, 1828.

And even more on page 106:

Ruth [Snow] and Barnabus Packard, July 23, 1818.

And deaths in Windsor:

PACKARD, , ch. Zebulun, Mar. 26, 1800, a. i y. 8 m., C.R.

That’s all, folks!


[1] The same is the case for an “Edward Packard,”  (this person) a “Rebeckah Packard” (this person) all with Packard as a middle name, along mention of a “Merez Packard.” There is also a “Sally Packard Pool” living in Abington as well.

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